Our mission is to break the cycle of incarceration by providing incarcerated individuals, returning citizens and their families access to resources to enable successful reentry into society.


  • To be a leader in identifying and presenting meaningful resources to assist returning citizens and their families
  • To assist confinement facilities in achieving their goals for reducing recidivism


We will benefit the communities we serve:

  • By compiling and sharing useful resources with returning citizens and their families in an easily accessible format
  • By contributing to the overall effort to reduce recidivism

We will meet and exceed the expectations of law enforcement and confinement facilities:

  • By providing resources for incarcerated individuals and returning citizens to help reduce recidivism
  • By distributing re-entry information to incarcerated individuals, families and returning citizens

We will aim to continuously improve everything we do:

  • By listening to law enforcement partners, returning citizens and families, resource providers, employers; inviting constructive criticism and feedback
  • By challenging conventional thinking, which is vital to the success of this mission
  • By pursuing personal and professional growth through lifelong learning

We will uphold the highest ethical standards:

  • Based on the moral standards revealed in God’s Word as it provides the foundation and guidance for this mission